Rosé Chic Wine

“Rosé Chic” . Pale reflections of pink, fresh fruit on the nose, palate light and supple, fresh rosé.

Food & Wine
appetizer, salads, grills, cooking with herbs.

Cold maceration. Low temperature fermentation.

Result of passion between earth and sun, Rosé Chicbegins in this wild land overlooking the country of the Moors and the Mediterranean countries, in the heart of Provence.


“Rosé Chic”IGP Mediterranean Wine  2018

BRONZE Medal  2015  New York  international wine competition            

BRONZE  Medal 2017  London  international wine challenge     

Btle: 750 ml, 1500 ml, 3000 ml.

Grape varieties:
Grenache 30% Cinsault 60% Tibourenc 10%.

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